Lebanon Tennessee Mission Trip with Tom and Raechel Freeman
When:  June 21st-June 28th

Where: Lebanon, TN with Tom and Raechel Freeman
Tom and Raechel Freeman served as our worship pastors at HOPE and then planted a church in Lebanon, TN, in partnership with the Salvation Army. Our desire is to serve them and respond to their request to help this summer.
Mandatory Team Meetings: June 8th and June 22nd from 12:00-2:00pm

Initial Itinerary and Budget

Location: Lebanon, TN
Partner Organization: Tom and Raechel Freeman / Salvation Army
Dates: June 21st-28th, 2014
Team Leaders: Rene and Michael Goh / Mike Gabelman


The Freemans have asked if HOPE might be able to send a team and help them do one or more of the following.

1) Building maintenance on any of the buildings they recently acquired in the “projects” of Lebanon.
2) Encounter God retreat / prayer ministry for their members or others from the city.
3) Evangelism, outreach, and worship nights.
4) Summer kid’s club for the kids in the projects.

Estimated Budget (per person):

1. Round Trip Air to Nashville               $650.00*
2. Meals ($30/day/person x 7 days)       $210.00
3. Van Rental ($1,000/week)                $100.00
4. Gas                                                $20.00
5. Service project supplies                    $250.00
6. Funds to bless partner organization   $200.00
7. Incidentals                                      $50.00
8. Lodging                                              ?**
9. Training supplies/lunches                  $30.00
Total                                                 $1,510.00**
* Priceline.com had roundtrip tickets for $550 on 5/2/2014, so $640 is estimated
** Does not include lodging. TBD. You can stay in a near by Residence Inn or sleep on a sofa or air mattress in the Freeman’s home.

Contact Pastor Rene at rene@hopesg.org or Pastor Mike at mikeg@hopesg.org to sign up or get more information.