Stop Human Trafficing

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​HOPE Christian Fellowship is the founding member of TraffickFree San Gabriel. Did you know that there are slaves right now in San Gabriel Valley? In fact, San Gabriel Valley is a huge destination area for trafficked people.


Because there is a demand for it. In part to work in the illegal back rooms of the a few of the local massage parlors and “house hotels” that in our area.

We Can Help!

We can help the victims, share Christ’s love and healing with the abusers and influence the local laws, codes and enforcement.

TraffickFree San Gabriel exists to raise awareness of the human trafficking problem in our community and bring healing to the survivors of modern slavery. TFSG is a coalition and partnership with other churches, organizations and individuals from the community.

We provide speakers, information, and resources for awareness events.

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TraffickFree San Gabriel or

email Beth Teran at to get connected and taking the next step in the journey together.



A documentary of many groups coming together to rescue and serve the enslaved.
(Note: this documentary is one a “PG” level but please have a parent preview it if you are under 15 years old)

In the news…

Hi Prop 35 Supporter!

The first trafficker to face a life sentence under Prop 35 was convicted in San Bernardino this September. Known for using a taser to electric shock his victims into submission, Christopher Knox fell to the floor and cried when his verdict was read. Let’s say he wasn’t so tough anymore.

YOUR involvement in Prop 35 is changing the game. While Prop 35 is making an impact this first year, its fullest potential is still ahead.

About 90,000 law enforcement officers still need to be trained by July 2014, as mandated by Prop 35.

The Peace Officers Standards and Training team has been meeting to create the curriculum. We are proud to be on the team of peace officers, prosecutors, survivor advocates and service providers. The DVD will be ready early next year. We have a very short time to promote and drum up awareness for the training and Prop 35 before the deadline!





Open Table Applications

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Open Tables are great ways to serve in community. The idea is simple. A group of people commit to meet once a week for 9 months (then maybe every other week for a few more months) to welcome a brother or sister into that community to share love, hope, and healing. Open Table can be used in a variety of ways to serve folks that both in need and at a life stage ready for change.
At HOPE, we use Open Tables to serve victims of Human Trafficking.

How it works:

HOPE has partnered with two organizations; The Open Table and CAST LA (Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking)
More information:
The Open Table Organization provides the expertise and training in how to conduct a successful table. CAST LA has been working directly with human trafficking survivors for years and provides a variety of resources through licensed social workers. HOPE provides a group of LOVING PEOPLE to welcome human trafficking survivors into.

Q and A:

Q: Do I need to attend HOPE or be a member at HOPE to serve on an Open Table at HOPE?
A: No, just fill out the application. The Open Table at HOPE is for anyone with a heart to directly serve survivors of human trafficking an are willing to make a few phone calls during the week for the benefit of the brother or sister.

Q: What does it cost?
A: Each table member needs to pay $120 per year to sit at the table. This money goes directly to The Open Table (not HOPE) for their ongoing effort to multiply this program across the country.
Q: How many open table have there been in the past?
A: Many, however the Open Table at HOPE Christian Fellowship in San Gabriel are the first Open Table specifically for survivors of Human Trafficking in the country.
Q: When do they start?
A: Open Tables begin as soon as we have about 4-6 people to make up a table.
Q: How long does the table last?
A: About 8-12 months.
Q: Who can I contact for more information?
A: Pastor Mike Gableman at
Sample Illustration
(Note: this is not the exact model that we incorporate, but illustrates the concept of the Open Table)